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Video maker for scientists

Inform / Engage / Touch People

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Only for scientists? No, not at all!


I like to think along with you and your entreprise. How we can use video in the best way. I like making of my scientific background and my experience in the industry, my affinity with consulting and coaching.

Making people shine in front of the camera, that's my specialty. During a shooting I make sure there is a relaxed atmosphere and I help you feel at ease to make you come across as natural as possible. You have also a sparring partner in me, I can help finding correct, clear and powerfull wording.

'Nice work: clear, sometimes with a bit of humour and with the right emotion.' That is what I hear people say.

How to tackle a video project?

How to start a video project?

👉 Contact me. No strings attached.  

I like to invest time to get to know each other well. Preferably at an early stage.

  • I want to understand you,

  • your target audience(s) and

  • your goals. 

What the people say...

Testimonial Ann Van der Jeugd - cover.jpg

Ann Van der Jeugd

Programme Manager

Leuven Brain Institute 


Testimonial Ester Blockx - cover.jpg

Ester Blockx

Marketing & Sales Director



Testimonial Siska Waelkens - cover.png

Siska Waelkens,

PR, Communication & Outreach

KU Leuven, Faculty of Science


Live report via social media

Sound of Science Hetty & Toon.png

Increase the outreach of your event. Connect with all interested people as if they were present. With photos and videos on social media. And  extend the momentum with: a report or an aftermovie.


Hetty Helsmoortel (Sound of Science  Nerdland) and Toon Verlinden (Sound of Science and The Floor is Yours) testify. (more)

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