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Marc Vandenbrande 2015.09-004_edited.jpg

Marc Vandenbrande

Video maker for scientists

As a child I was very curious about the how and why of things. At that time I was already interested in science and technology. I even wanted to be an inventor. That's how I became a (civil) engineer in computer science.

I have gained experience in software development, communication, change management, business intelligence and broadcast technology.

But there was also another passion bubbling! A combination of technology and creativity. Video. A medium with a huge impact.

Video takes us to unreachable worlds, opens eyes, brings magic, moves and connects people. Amaze - touch - connect. I wanted to produce this kind of video. I followed various courses and completed various projects.

In principle, I can do all the camera, interview, direction, editing and voice-over myself. But for your project I can also rely on an extensive network of excellent video professionals.


Winner Belgian Corporate Video Festival 2008, category Sustainable Development for Fuel Cell Bus (Van Hool)

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