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I grew up in Bovekerke, a rural village of 1,000 inhabitants near the coast of Belgium. Ever since I was a child I had a double interest: television on the one hand and technology and science on the other.

Television takes us to unreachable worlds, opens eyes, brings magic, moves and connects people. Science provides answers to big questions, it provides solutions for our daily lives and it also provides the technology to bring people closer together.

1973.04 Papa + Marc in Bovekerke.jpg

My dad and me (Bovekerke, around 1973)

1987.11 VTK Revue video team.jpeg

My first video productions for the student association VTK (Leuven, 1987)

At KU Leuven, I studied Master of Engineering: Computer Science.  Then I also took my first video courses, realised my first videos and did an internship at the newsrooms of VRT and VTM.

After my studies I gained experience in software development, communication, change management, business intelligence and broadcast technology.

On a personal level, I had the opportunity to meet people in countries across all continents of our planet. On the other hand, I lived with a conflict, a conflict with myself. But I eventually ceased that. And in 2020, I came out of the closet


I have always found it important to make videos that go much deeper. Thanks to those difficulties on my life path, I can sometimes empathise much deeper. Therefore, I'm even grateful for those experiences.

20220325 Interview Frank De Winne.jpg

Interview astronaut Frank De Winne (Leuven, 2022)

Empowering people with no camera experience so that they enjoy bringing their passion and their story in front of the lens is what I love doing most. This also produces images that engage viewers so that we reach them with maximum impact.

Since 2020, I live in Geel, a warm rural town in the north of Belgium, my base of operations to Leuven, Brussels, Ghent... or to you.

MV rainbow flag green key.png

I love being involved in your business. Of course, that's also the bit of the consultant/engineer in me. This way, I try to find the unique pearl in your story.

To reach our target audience to the maximum, I am not only interested in the message, the science or the company, but also in the people behind the story. I like to involve the people involved in a video project.

20221206 Sarah Garré ILVO Melle.jpg

Interview Sarah Garré (ILVO, Melle, 2022)



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