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testimonial Ester Blockx
Wants to ignite a small flame

Technopolis comes to schools and organisations. Here is an example of a science performance that amazes young people and makes them say 'Wow!'

An example from Technopolis' B2B offer. Technopolis also has an inspiring offer for companies to organise all kinds of events

Ester Blockx is the Marketing & Sales Director at Technopolis, the Flemish do-centre in Mechelen where they fascinate children and young people with science and technology. She testifies:

‘We want to make the generation of tomorrow shout “Wow!” We want to ignite a small flame that can turn into an endless and boundless passion to leave a mark on the world with science and technology.


In order to fulfil this ambitious mission, we resolutely choose to include video in our sales and marketing plan. On the one hand, because video simply increases conversion and thus sales, but also because video increases engagement and creates a strong emotional connection with your target group.


When you choose Marc Vandenbrande for a video project, you can be sure that there is room for that emotion, for that involvement, that human touch and that authenticity.

And Marc also has an unbridled passion for science and technology, which is a great bonus for us, of course.


Marc does not take decisions lightly. He always wants to figure out beforehand what exactly the customer wants. What the purpose of the video is and which target group you want to address with that video. And he will do everything possible to get those lucky shots in order to make the video a superb end result.


A video that triggers the viewer to watch, to look further and to watch it all the way, and to say: “Wow! What a great video.”’

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