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How I Work

Inform / engage / touch

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I like to use authentic communication. The viewers not only like it, they also find it more credible. In other words, it leads to a result with just that extra impact.

Throughout the entire production process we focus on:

  • What do we want to achieve?

  • Who do we want to reach?

  • How can we make that extra click with the viewer?


  1. Pre-production - I pay a lot of attention to a good introduction and good preparation, so that we start with a strong concept.

  2. Production (shooting) - We capture beautiful images that support your story to the fullest. Special attention goes to filming/interviewing people. 

  3. Post-production (finishing) - We make a beautiful montage that works: sharing the right information with the right emotion so that we can touch the viewer as much as possible. 

1. Pre-production

Good preparation is half the work

I like to invest time to get to know each other well. I want to understand what you are doing and what your relationship is with your target group.


Together we determine the concept. What are the objectives? What will we portray? Will someone say something? What's the mood?

The scenario: flexible, not too tight

2021-06-30 19.17 Botanical Gardens Meise - Marc Vandenbrande, Hilde Crevits, Zuhal Demir.p

We don't make the scenario too tight. This gives us a result that is more spontaneous and natural.


During the preparations I investigate where the priorities lie and what needs to be told, where the strengths lie and what's sensitive. That knowledge is is key in the next steps of the production process, filming and editing.

2. Production

We create beautiful images that support your story as much as possible. Letting people speak, that's really my thing. I hear my customers say that too.


Our approach is aimed at making the people in front of the camera feel as comfortable as possible. This makes them appear more natural and authentic. This results in images that are more convincing.

Is there a difficult message? I am very happy to help you find a wording that suits the speaker and that is clear and powerful.

3. Post-production

During this process, a filmmaker can show his mastery. We make a beautiful montage so that the viewers remain fascinated, a montage that tells your story with the right approach and with the right emotion. And above all: with maximum impact!

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