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testimonial Ann Van der Jeugd
Leuven Brain Institute
Unites all excellent brain research at KU Leuven

The challenge

The Leuven Brain Institute unites all the excellent brain research at KU Leuven. The question was to make a promotional film about the institute that would let researchers speak and also depict the social engagement.

The institute brings together various researchers: basic researchers, such as molecular biologists, clinical researchers, such as neurologists and researchers from other institutes such as Imec, where you will find engineers. This diversity makes it very difficult to present a coherent vision.

The solution

The presentation video of the Leuven Brain Institute. 
The target audience is very diverse: it is used online for a very wide audience to inform, but also for fundraising. On the other hand, the video is also used to introduce the institute to external researchers or research institutions. This is done during company visits or lectures at conferences. 

220426 LBI -GHB.jpg

Ann Van der Jeugd, Programme Manager of the Leuven Brain Institute testifies:

'That is why we used Marc Vandenbrande's expertise. He knows better than anyone how to put people at ease and bring out the best in them. It always turns out to be a very nice portrait.

And we also used Marc's expertise because he himself has a background as an engineer. So he knows how a scientist thinks and feels. And is sometimes a bit shy to explain something on camera. But it is always a lovely result.

Each researcher was able to tell his or her story clearly.

In the film, we not only wanted to show how good our researchers are, we also wanted to show our social impact. What actions we undertake to inform the general public about our research. Like Science Day.

Marc is also very flexible. It was a real hassle to get the professors to put their schedules together. But we did it and the result is definitely worth it. It is splendid.'

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