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Final PhD Cup 2021
Handelsbeurs, Ghent, 11 October 2021 7 pm

On Monday 11 October 2021 at 7 pm the final of the Flemish PhD Cup took place. The event could be attended live at the Handelsbeurs in Ghent. But you could also follow it through streaming and... via Twitter! We provided captivating content on the Twitter channel.

The Flemish PhD Cup is a competition. Recently graduated PhD students are given the opportunity to present their research to a broad audience. Each participant gets 3 minutes to explain the core of their research. Whoever gives the clearest and most captivating presentation wins.


This takes place in several steps. During the finals, there are 8 participants left. There is an audience prize and the jury hands out trophies and prizes.

Below are images of a selection of tweets made and posted during the PhD Cup 2021. (If you click on an image, another window will open displaying the tweet)

Building suspense

We posted the first tweet at about half past four. This was followed by a number of tweets to build up tension and interest.

2021-10-11 16.27 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 16.39 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 17.07 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 18.12 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 18.58 Tweet PhD Cup.png

Start show

During the event, tweets reported live about the event.

2021-10-11 19.10 Tweet PhD Cup.png

The contest

Eight participants. Each participant gave a presentation. One tweet was posted for each presentation. Below some examples.

2021-10-11 19.38 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 20.10 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 20.17 Tweet PhD Cup.png

The verdict

After the performances, a keynote speech and some interviews followed and finally the verdict. 

2021-10-11 20.34 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 20.51 Tweet PhD Cup.png
2021-10-11 21.00 Tweet PhD Cup.png


The very last tweet: a link to the following activity. More than 1,200 views!

2021-10-11 21.20 Tweet PhD Cup.png
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