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videos that connect


We look for fascinating stories, and we present them in the form that best suits you and your target group.

  • We look for the passion in your story

  • We are looking for how we can reach your target group

  • We determine shape and size


Shape and size:

  • One-off or a series?

  • Something solid and sturdy and extensive? Or rather short and to the point?

  • One-off or a series?

  • Filmed, edited and posted on the spot?

  • Business and factual like an instructional video? With a nice creative note? With a personal authentic tone?

See Gallery for some examples.


Give your event more appearance. With beautiful photos and videos you can  interested parties follow your event. If they want they will  even react and interact.  

I would also like to make a summary report or aftermovie. This is how you create even more  momentum with your event.  

In the meantime, you can concentrate better on your priorities: making sure that the reception of guests and  speakers smoothly.

See  Live reports on social media  for some examples.

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